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Yay! found your new address? Excited to begin your new journey?

But wait, that would be only after overcoming the stress of completing the entire moving

As per the study, moving is toilsome, and it tops the list of most stressful moments in life, it is
one of the top stressors that a person can experience, defeating crucial moments like
beginning a new job or even divorce!
Moving can bring a rollercoaster of emotions, including excitement to start a new chapter or
new adventure; eagerness to meet and explore new people but sorrow of leaving friends and
neighbours, mood swings, anxiety and nervousness of moving as it involves a lot of change.
So coalescence of emotions results in moving stress.
After all, moving is a major life-changing moment in a person’s life.
But what exactly makes moving so burdensome and nail-biting?
Well, relocating or moving is an exhausting process of scheduling, packing and transiting
with a bunch of small worries that make your move stressful.
So fortunately to minimise the stress and maximize the good, there are few steps that can
help you chill, keep your anxiety levels within limits and make it plain sailing.
Read on to know the stages of moving stress and ways to minimise the mayhem;

  1. Preparation before Moving
    Preparing, planning and proper strategy can make your move easy and can avoid making it
    a tumultuous event.’
    For strategic planning and to stay organized make a list of all the tasks and divide them into
    weeks as per the priority. So that you have enough days and time to finish everything. If you
    don’t follow your plan verbatim, it can make the process topsy turvy involving confusion and
    So make sure to have a strategy to keep things on track and have a comfortable move.
  2. Packing Your Valuables
    Packing the valuables, moving everything correctly without breaking the bank, lamp or your
    back is surely not that easy.
    Scour every closet, box, room to get all your daily essential and valuable things. Once you
    have all at once place, make sure to pack them safely and to prevent confusion and damage
    clearly label them as you pack. Also let your movers know the containers and boxes that
    have your valuables so that they are extra careful, in order to avoid the unfortunate event of
    them getting damaged, broken or missing during transit.
    Lastly, it is a good idea to unpack the valuables first and place them carefully once you have
    completed the moving process.
  3. Getting Rid of Unnecessary Items
    It is imperative to handle decluttering on a priority basis. It can help you be more organized
    and ensure that you don’t pack unessential items. Eliminating and getting rid of redundant
    items before shifting can be cathartic and also cut your transition costs.
    So it’s wise to get rid of items that won’t fit your new dwelling or are of no use to you
    anymore. It can be frustrating to pack items that you are going to get rid of after the move.
    Put the rest items either in storage or donate them so that they can be utilized by others.
  4. Moving Day Stress
    Once the preparation and packing are done well in time, it’s time to move. If you follow pre-
    moving tips, you will be calm and serene irrespective of others who get extremely anxious on
    the day of moving.
    An important tip for this is to be flexible and less rigid in expectation, don’t get furious or
    resentful if the move doesn’t go as per your planning i.e. if it takes too much or too less time.
    After all, it is better to be slow and have everything right rather than missing or forgetting.
    Prepare some food for yourself so that you are powered and fuelled and don’t have to fret
    about meals or food.
  5. Mission Accomplished
    Once you reach your new dwelling, make sure to carefully unpack the valuable box
    containers first to avoid damage and check all your containers and boxes.
    Hurray! you have successfully made your move to the new abode!
    Was the move that bad? No right!

Remember, it’s normal to be upset when you find things out of control, can’t find the spatula
or the pan or get stressed with boxes everywhere. Relax and take a deep breath, it can take
a while to get things organized and on track.

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