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Halloween is around the corner and we all want our homes to look the part. We are presenting some simple ideas for you to transform your home’s ambiance into something more spooky for the occasion. These DIYs will certainly get you festive.

Here are the ideas:

  1. Get some candles and paint them red and paint the candle holders black for the eerie vibes. You can also burn the candles beforehand to get the look of dripping blood with molten wax. Red and black go hand in hand representing the devil

2. Get some white threads and try to replicate a giant spider web. You can start with placing some pins on a board in a circular formation and then looping the threads around the pins loosely. You don’t have to be perfect with the job, that’s the charm of it. Just place these webs across various locations in your home for a dreaded look.

3. Get some fruits and vegetables to look spooky by placing googly eyes on them. Just cut some paper with eyes drawn on them and stick them on. Now you can either place these pieces here and there around your home or prepare a basket to arrange them together.

4. Get some maple leaves and spray paint them black. Now take a white marker to paint eyes and a mouth on it. Your bat decorations are ready. You can place these bats around your home to bring about a dungeon look.

5. Put some of the webs you made earlier on the lamps around the home to make the place look haunted. Especially the light that filters through the webs makes the whole atmosphere more dense and eerie.

Dim the lights a bit and get the vibe going with some spooky music. Well a lot more can be done with some more effort. It all just depends on how much time you have. Have fun this Halloween with some DIY stuff and see how much more you enjoy the festivities.

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