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The city of Toronto has held high world rankings for everything from jobs to education, economy and even quality of life. It is one of the most acclaimed cities in the world, so predictably, it is one of the hottest real estate destinations for immigrants and people looking to move within Canada.

There are nearly three million residents who call Toronto home, and that number is only going to increase. It is expected to grow to 3.95 million in 2046. It may look like a long time away, but time passes quickly these days.

It’s easy to understand why Toronto is so desirable.Apart from the city receiving high world rankings, our city is ranked second out of 60 municipalities considered in the 2021 Safe Cities Index. Indeed a privilege! Compared to other places where turbulence dominates the lifestyle, Toronto seems to be a safe haven. Relative to other places in the world where turbulence dominates the lifestyle, Toronto is seen as a safe haven. When people feel safe physically, they tend to feel mentally alive and happier.

To speak of the choices offered to people who move here, they have an extensive selection of housing types to choose from. The choice ranges from entry-level condos, townhomes, semi-detached and detached homes, luxury homes and condos, to even rental accommodations. Variety is what sets Toronto apart in Canada for sure.

As for the job market, it  has plenty to offer. Newcomers are settling in,the tech industry is booming  with jobs for everyone from students to older adults who aren’t ready to retire yet. The entertainment industry is huge here;It is second in line after Hollywood for filming destinations.

Students from around the world come to Toronto to pursue education in our world-class post-secondary educational facilities. With few of the world’s top universities such as University of Toronto, York University  located here, it is a centre of attraction for education.We also have world-class healthcare facilities and hospitals. Considering Toronto’s transportation system,it is getting better and more comprehensive all the time.

Let’s talk about excitement! With new restaurants coming up on the block, in addition to the world cuisines that are already available to satisfy any taste, foodies love living here. Shows and concerts are starting again as well, and the city seems to buzz back to life.

Also, there’s the amazing value in Toronto real estate, which has consistently produced appreciation in double digits, even during the pandemic. Both homeowners and investors are aware of the fact that if they purchase in Toronto, they will enjoy a sizable return-on-investment when they eventually sell.

Whether you’re looking to find a place of your dreams  to live or to invest your money to make it worth your while, Toronto is a phenomenal choice that continues to get better even with  time. And we’re here to help you get your home! Looking to buy your first,second or even your third home. Our Mortgage agent/broker can help you lock the house of your dreams. 

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